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CO2 from capture to storage
CASTOR addresses "Capture and sequestration of CO2 associated with cleaner fossil fuel plants" and will specifically focus on "Post-combustion capture technologies for CO2" and "CO2 storage confidence building. The overall goal of this IP is to develop and validate, in public/private partnerships, all of the innovative technologies needed to capture, at the post-combustion stage, transport and store CO2. The CASTOR R&D target is to enable the capture and geological storage of 10% of the CO2 emissions of Europe, which corresponds to about 30% of CO2 emitted by European power and industrial plants. To reach this goal, CASTOR improved current techniques and developed and validated previously new methodologies and technologies for the capture of CO2 and its subsequent secure underground storage in aquifers and in depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs (oil and gas).
Available reports:
Contact person: Pierre Le Thiez