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Reduction of CO2 emission by means of CO2 storage in coal seams in the silesian coal basin of Poland
The RECOPOL project is an EC-funded research and demonstration project to investigate the technical and economic feasibility of storing CO2 permanently in subsurface coal seams. The required research and the pilot field test delivers a firm understanding of this process under European conditions, and its potential for CO2 reductions in Europe. This process combines CO2 sequestration with fossil fuel production and could therefore result in cleaner energy production from fossil fuel, which is a near-future demand in the economic and environmental context of the Kyoto agreement.
The main aim is to demonstrate that CO2 injection in coal under European conditions is feasible and that CO2 storage is a safe and permanent solution before it can be applied on a larger scale in a socially acceptable way. This is the first field demonstration experiment of its kind in Europe.
Available reports:
Contact person: Henk Pagnier