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Knowledge dissemination workshop "CO2 Geological Storage: Scientific knowledge - Present situation - Perspectives"

26 June 2013, Athens, Greece
Generally, there is a lack of information regarding the CO2 Geological Storage (CGS) in Greece. So, the aim of this workshop is to inform Greek people about the CGS technology clarifying various aspects relating to geological storage. It will be a good opportunity for knowledge dissemination to a broader audience in Greece.
This knowledge-sharing workshop will be carried out within the “CGS Europe” Project.
The target audience is stakeholders from Greece, policy makers, officials of the Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, public and private energy companies, industry leaders, researchers, scientists, university students, journalists, representatives of NGO’s, etc.
Date and place: 26 June 2013, Greece
(N.C.S.D.-I.G.M.E., Olympic Village, Attica)
Organized by: National Center for Sustainable Development (N.C.S.D.) - Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (I.G.M.E.)
Workshop venue:
Central Amphitheatre,
National Center for Sustainable Development (N.C.S.D.),
Entrance C, Olympic Village, Acharnae, Attica, Greece
In the workshop program, there are three sessions:
1st session: Various aspects of CO2 geological storage technology - Scientific approach
2nd session: Present situation - CO2 Geological Storage (CGS) Projects
3rd session: Greek and European policy and strategy for CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS)
Click here to download the AGENDA (soon available)
The workshop is free of charge.
Oral presentations will be upon invitation in Greek language.
Registration is required for all workshop participants.
Please, download the registration form, fill it out and send it to the following
e-mail address:
Deadline for registration: 23 June 2013
Dr Apostolos Arvanitis:; phone +30 213 1337242
Access by car:
Exit “THRAKOMAKEDONES-OLYMPIC VILLAGE” from National Road from Athens to Lamia / Thessaloniki (about 26 km away from Syntagma Sq.)
Access by public transportation:
1. Use the “Piraeus - Kifissia” electric Railway (Line 1).
2. Get off at the Kifissia terminal station
3. Take the bus No. 504 (“Thrakomakedones - Kifissia”) outside the train station.
4. Get off the bus at the bus stop “IGME’ or ‘3rd Olympic Village” (approximately 25 min)
1. Use the Athens Suburban Railway (Line: “Airport - Ano Liosia”)
2. Get off at the “Acharnae (SKA)” train station
3. Take the buses X40 or X41 outside the train station.
4. Get off the bus at the bus stop “IGME” or “3rd Olympic Village” (approximately 20 min)