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CO2GeoNet-NIVA - Norwegian Institute for Water Research

NIVA (Norwegian Institute for Water Research) is an internationally oriented competence centre for water-related research and development activities on environment and resources.

NIVA is a private research foundation, and is the largest interdisciplinary applied water research centre in Norway. The NIVA Group, comprising NIVA foundation and three subsidiary consultancy companies Akvaplan-niva in Norway, AquaBiota As in Sweden, and Geomor-NIVA in Poland, has a total staff of 240 and an annual turnover of €22 million. More specifically, NIVA is conducting fundamental and applied research on consequences of environmental pollutions in the marine environment, including oil and its degradation products. NIVA is designing and operating innovative operational observing systems for cost-effective, realtime or offline, monitoring of environmental pollutions, including shipmounted and at-sea systems. NIVA is also developing web-based information and decisionmaking systems for effective and user-friendly dissemination of data and research results. NIVA has a long history of participation and coordination of EC projects, including FP5- NoE-CO2GeoNet. NIVA is a partner in the newly established Norwegian Centre of Excellence on CO2 Storage (FME-SUCCESS).
NIVA has outstanding experise in marine monitoring and ecological research. Since 1995 the institute has been involved in several projects, mostly international, dealing with CO2 storage in/under marine environments. Marine impact assessments from ecosystem exposure to CO2 have been conducted several times, and as well studies on monitoring technologies and flux verification for potential leaks from storage. NIVA has been present at most GHGT conferences last 15 years, and has been consultants to the Norwegian Government on several occasions, related to CCS issues. In 2009, NIVA obtained a benthic lander for in-situ and at-depth study of benthic ecosystem response to CO2 exposure which will be available for scientific and engineering studies.
Norwegian Institute for Water Research
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