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SGUDS - State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr

The State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr (SGUDS) as governmental organisation ensures systematic and comprehensive geological research and survey, generation and use of the information systems in geology, registration, collection and records and makes accessible results of geological work carried out throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Beside of this the Institute composes and issues geological maps in regional and detailed scales for manifold purposes.  Spectrum of geological activities covers a broad interval from basic geology and geophysics through hydrogeology, geochemistry, engineering geology, raw materials to environmental problems solution. A certified analytical laboratory, electron micro probe, and radio isotopic department supports above mentioned activities.
Previous experience

SGUDS was involved into CCS activities in 2003, when entered in independent scientific club ENeRG. The first works on this subject have been done in the framework of FP6 project CASTOR.  Consequently in the 2006 was the Institute member of consortium of project GEOCAPACITY in the framework of which the first possibilities and assessment for CO2 storage in the Slovakian territory has been compiled. In the same year was approved project CO2NET EAST - coordination action. One of project tasks was to organised workshop on CCS problems. The amount 126 participants and very positive impact from scientific and industrial sphere was prove, that dissemination activity were targeted well.

The national project regarding finding suitable storage sites in selected geological environment was open in 2007. A part of project is devoted beside of depleted hydrocarbon deposits and regional aquifers to mineral sequestration, because the special Slovakian geological conditions offer to study also this problematic.
State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr
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