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PGI-NRI - Panstwowy Instytut Geologiczny – Panstwowy Instytut Badawczy

Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute, founded in 1919, is the largest R&D institute in Polish geology.



The PGI-NRI manages multi-disciplinary research on the geological structure of Poland in order to use the knowledge for purposes of domestic economy and environmental protection. Besides research in all fields of modern geology, the Institute fulfils the role of a geological and hydrogeological survey of Poland, securing economic stability to the country in areas of both mineral and groundwater resources management, and environmental monitoring. The Institute cooperates with geological institutions of 30 countries and has recently participated in 25 international projects of EU (mainly FP projects), ESA and NATO. PGI-NRI is a member of EuroGeoSurveys since 2002. The Centre of Excellence - Research on Abiotic Environment (REA) –has integrated the Institute's activity with the European Scientific Area. 

 PGI-NRI has participated, for example, in a number of domestic and European research projects related to the topic of CGS (e.g. Petroleum Geological Atlas of the Southern Permian Basin, Geological Map of Europe).

PGI-NRI is leading, since 2008, R&D National Programme “Assessment of formations and structures suitable for safe CO2 geological storage including monitoring plans” ordered by Polish Ministry of Environment where a number of key Polish R&D institutions of related expertise is involved. The goals of  the programme cover the screening of formations and structures suitable for safe CO2 geological storage for entire area of the country including the Baltic economic sector of Poland and characterisation of selected sites till monitoring plans. We have cooperated with BGR on the related trans-border issues of the national CGS R&D programmes. PGI-NRI has applied for a membership of CO2GeoNet network.