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GTC - Gamtos Tyrimu Centras

GTC is a main governmental research institute in geosciences in Lithuania. The Nature Research Centre was established recently by merging Institute of Geology and Geography, Institute of Ecology and Institute of Botanic.
Studies are carried out in hydrogeology, reservoir geology, lithology, tectonics etc. Departments of Institute of Geology and Geography, which is now a part of Nature Research Centre, are: Department of environment, Department of regional geology, Department of climate and water systems, Department of landscape geography, Department of Quaternary geology, Laboratory of Isotope geology, Department of social geography.
Institute of Geology and Geography started CO2 geological storage studies in 2005 with the opportunity study of geological storage of CO2 in Lithuania. The studies were further promoted in a frame of FP6 GeoCapacity project. Different options were evaluated for Lithuanian territory in terms of geological suitability of different geological formations, economic effect of geological storage. GTC is presently a major research institution involved in issues of geological storage of CO2 in Lithuania. It provides expertise to energy companies and Government as regards possibilities of utilisation of geological formations for the storage of CO2. The further research is planned for specification of prospective formations and sites for CO2 storage in Lithuania, essentially storage capacities, also specification of possible formations and sites of neighboring countries in terms of possibility of development of the common CO2 management system in the region. The economic evaluation is an essential part of this regional evaluation.