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SU - Sofiiski Universitet “Sveti Kliment Ohridski”

Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski” (SU) was founded in 1888 with a Decree Nr. 169 of Prince Ferdinand. Over the following years the structure was enlarged. Teaching of Geology began since 1891.
During its 120 years history the first Bulgarian University has approved as a national educational and cultural centre. At present the University consists of 16 faculties, many leading research and sport centres; the University library is a cultural and scientific institution of a national importance; the University Press is the largest publisher of academic books in the country. SU offers 70 degree courses and has about 1600 lecturers, over 1000 post graduate students and about 25 thousand students.
The Faculty of Geology and Geography has existed in its present form since 1963. The number of the undergraduates during the last years is about 700, from which in Geology about 120.

Currently the education in Geology takes place in two departments: (1) Geology, Palaeontology and Fossil fuels; (2) Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Resources. Since the 1993/94 students acquire university education in Geology at three levels: Undergraduate - B.Sc. (8 semesters), Graduate - M.Sc. (3 semesters) and Postgraduate – Ph.D. (6 semesters).

The Scientific Research Department (NIS-SU) is the organisation through which the university lecturers accomplish research and innovation work on a contract basis. NIS-SU was founded in 1964. In 1973 it was closed because of the integration between the University and the Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS). Later with Order No 2263/02.11.1977 of the Ministry of Science and Education the Scientific Research Department was restored from 01.01.1978.

The research activities carried out through NIS-SU range over almost all fields of natural and social science. Over 1300 researchers, mainly from the academic SU staff and many graduated and post-graduated students take part in this activity. During the last years NIS-SU contributed to the implementation of several hundreds projects, many of them under the EU programs.

The SU-Department of Geology is the only Bulgarian institution, which up to now perform assessment of CO2 storage potential in Bulgaria. This detailed study was accomplished in the frame of EU projects CASTOR - WP2 (2004-2005) and GeoCapacity (2006-2008). The SU-Department of Geology is member of CO2NetEast consortium.