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METU-PAL - Middle East Technical University Petroleum Research Center

Middle East Technical University, one of the leading universities in Turkey, was established in 1956. It has 5 faculties , 42 departments and 5 graduate schools . The student body is about 20000.
Petroleum Research Center was established in 1992 with collaboration of Middle East Technical University Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and Undersecretary of Finance. There are two main areas where the Research Center functions. The first one involves source characterisation, reserve assessment and risk analyses studies. Several projects were conducted in Turkish and Central Asian oil, gas and geothermal fields. An analysis on Turkish gas market was conducted to assess the consumption until 2020. Recently a project related to CO2 storage capacity of the country was completed with a modeling study on an oil field response to CO2 injection and storage. The project was supported by Ministry of7,*;q=0.7 Keep-Alive: 115 Connd TUBITAK.

The second area of activity is related to fuel quality assessment for the fuel market. In that respect the laboratories are accredited according to ISO 17025.