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UNIZG-RGNF - University of Zagreb – Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering

University of Zagreb - Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering (UNIZG-RGNF). The Faculty is a part of the University of Zagreb and consists of several institutes that are jointly teaching four studies – Mining Engineering, Geology, Geological Engineering and Petroleum Engineering.

There are also PhD programmes in respective fields. Staff consists of 56 professors, 28 assistants and 27 other teaching collaborators. Apart from the primary activity in high education, they are usually engaged both in exploration and research activities funded by the government (20 active projects started in 2007 funded by the Croatian Ministry for Science, Education and Sport) and in various expert tasks for other investors. This research covers a wide range of activities related either to mining (blasting, soil and rock mechanics, mine completion, open pit exploitation etc.), geology (geological mapping, structure geology, petroleum geology, engineering geology, hydrogeology, geophysical prospecting, deposits of mineral raw materials etc.) or to petroleum engineering (drilling techniques, well fluids, reservoir development, management of HC reserves, production of HC’s and geothermal water, gas management, safety techniques and protection of environment).
Faculty is the CCS R&D leader in Croatia, the country representative in ENeRG (informal organisation – European Network for Research in Geo-Energy), has participated in the two ongoing FP6 projects: EU GeoCapacity (STREP) and CO2NetEAST (CA). In EU GeoCapacity, the main activities included mapping of the regional CO2 storage potential in various types of sinks (covering both the territory of the Republic of Croatia and of the neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina), and, as a part of the activity, coordinating the investigations done in the Southern group of countries (Bosnia-Croatia-Slovenia-Italy-Spain) in terms of joint methodology and cross-border correlation. In the coordinated action CO2NET EAST, the faculty has promoted the dissemination of the CCS-related research and knowledge in Croatia and neighbouring countries. In FP7 the faculty participates in the integrated project ECCO, mainly in transferring the Croatian experience in on-shore CO2 injection pilot project.