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GeoEcoMar - National Institute of Marine Geology and Geoecology

The National Institute of Marine Geology and Geo-ecology of Romania- GeoEcoMar, is a research and development institute established in 1993, under the co-ordination of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research.
The main activities of GeoEcoMar relate to marine, deltaic and fluvial environmental and geoecological studies regarding the ecosystems of the River Danube - Danube Delta - coastal Black Sea geosystem; the environmental impact of anthropogenic structures (civil and hydrotechnical works) that are located along the Danube course and in the Danube Delta; geological-geophysical-geoecological survey of the Black Sea as well as of other marine areas; study of natural hazards in Black Sea environment (submarine landslides, tsunami, major storms, etc).
In recent years, under the leadership of Dr.eng. Constantin-Stefan Sava, Head of the Geophysical Methods for Deep Investigations Department, the Institute has started studies and analysis connected with the greenhouse emissions in Romania as well as the possibility of geological storage of CO2. Scientists from GeoEcoMar were and are actively participating in FP-6 projects: CASTOR, as subcontractors, EU Geocapacity and CO2 Net East as well as in FENCO-ERA project: Impact of communication. To boost the activity in this field in 2007 a CO2 Club was established.,Scientists from GeoEcoMar have a large experience in disseminating CCS knowledge in Romania, are involved in preparing a local CCS demonstration project by assessing potential storage sites and provide the geological expertise for the implementation of EU Directive on CO2 geological storage in Romania.

National activities/networks: GeoEcoMar is part of the national task force organised at governmental level for the implementation of the EU Directive for CO2 storage and is a founder member of the CO2 Club association.
National Institute of Marine Geology and Geoecology
Str. Dimitrie Onciul, Nr. 23-25, RO-024053 Bucuresti
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