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LEGMC - Latvijas Vides Geologijas Un Meteorologijas Centrs Sia

State limited liability company ”Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre” (LEGMC) was registered in the commercial register in 07.07.2009. by Cabinet Order of 01.07.2009. No. 488 „On the liquidation of State agency „Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Agency” and „Hazardous Waste Management Agency”.
LEGMC has high qualified experts in geology, hydrology, biology, chemistry, geography, environmental assessment, meteorology, climatology, metrology, environmental management etc. Establishing objectives of LEGMC are aggregation, storage and providing of environmental information to the society, state and municipal sectors.

LEGMC participates in realisation of the State policies in the spheres of geology, meteorology, climatology, hydrology, air quality, cross – border air pollution influence, water quality, environmental monitoring and management of radioactive and hazardous waste.

LEGMC main activities of Geology sphere:
  • Supervision of the use of subsoil resources;
  • Approval and calculation mineral reserves for the explored deposits, preparation of passports of mineral deposits, determination of quotas for the extraction of mineral deposits; collection of information about the yearly mineral extraction in the country and preparation of the balance of mineral reserves.
  • Collection and approval of geological information regarding the exploration/using of subsoil resources, geological supervision for the hydrocarbon investigations.
  • Preparation of GIS systems and data sets.
  • Participation in preparation process of national laws and regulations, political documents, taking into account changes in EU legislation.
  • Preparation of geological and hydrogeological information, data analysis and conclusions; reprocessing of geological, seismological and seismic data.
Experts from LEGMC are nominated as national representatives in various EU and International Environmental organisations. LEGMC is the a National Focal Point for Eionet network and National Reference Centre for following areas: air quality; chemicals; environmental information systems; groundwater; mitigation of air pollution and climate change; noise; rivers and lakes; sustainable consumption and production including resource use; waste; water emissions; water quantity and use.

Previous experience of LEGMC:
  • Stores, processes and issues information regarding geological objects, which could be suitable for the storage of CO2 to the society, state and international institutions.
  • To disseminate information among the Latvian society about possibilities of CO2 contamination utilisation in the geological objects in the presentations at the relevant seminars and meetings etc.
  • Was a participant in the international project “Assessing European Capacity for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide” (EU GeoCapacity).
  • To take part in the project “CO2 capture and storage networking extension to new member”.
  • Maintains The Greenhouse Gases Emission Trade Register and issued current information associated with the emission quota trade to the society.