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G-IGME - Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration

Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Greece (G-IGME) is in fact the Geological Survey of Greece. It was established in 1952 and it operates as a public research institute under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.
Its main activities are the geological mapping, the general geological study of the country, the water resources, the mineral resources, the geoenvironmental issues, the climate change, the geological storage of CO2 and the research, exploration, study and uses of geothermal energy.

It is active in the research of the Geological Storage of CO2 since 2000. It has participated in three European projects on C.C.S. (GESTCO, NASCENT and GEOCAPACITY). It has acquired the necessary know – how to study the various aspects of CO2 storage and monitoring. It has made the estimation of the potential for geological storage of CO2 in various geological environments in Greece, Albania and FYROM.  Furthermore it has studied the Florina natural CO2 field as an analogue of the CO2 storage reservoirs. Last year it completed a study of the available storage options around the new power generating station using lignite planned by Public Power Corporation in N. Greece. It employs more than 500 personnel among which there are 220 geoscientists with MSc and PhD degrees and it operates chemical and mineral beneficiation laboratories.