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CzGS - Ceska geologicka sluzba

Czech Geological Survey (CzGS / Czech Republic) is the leading geological research institution in the Czech Republic. It is a state research institute supervised by the Ministry of Environment. Its staff counts about 260 people, round 170 of them being university graduates.
Geo-energy related activities of CzGS have developed a significant knowledge in the field of CO2 geological storage, monitoring of CO2 and methane migration and emanation at sediment surface, formation water geochemistry, mineralogical, optical and geochemical characterisation of the reservoir rocks and seals. CzGS is Czech national country representative in ENeRG (European Network for Research in Geo-Energy) and edits and publishes GEO ENeRGY, the newsletter of ENeRG. Since 2004, CzGS has been a member of CO2NET, the Carbon Dioxide Knowledge Sharing Network. CzGS took part in a series of European R&D projects, incl. the PF6 EU GeoCapacity project (Assessing European Capacity for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide). At the moment, CGS is coordinating CO2NET EAST, a project started in 2006 as an FP6 co-ordination action focused on CCS knowledge transfer and awareness raising in new EU Member States and Candidate Countries.
CzGS will lead WP5 Dissemination and will have its representative in the project Management Board. CzGS will also participate in the other WPs and will run the Czech national project website.

Ceska geologicka sluzba
  Vit Hladik
Klárov 3 118 21 Praha 1
Czech Republic Czech Republic