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GBA - Geologische Bundesanstalt

The Geological Survey of Austria belongs to the Ministry of Science and Research, and is acting like a department of the Ministry and therefore is not a separate legal entity.
The main tasks of the institute is the geological mapping of Austria, research in applied geology covering hydrogeology, natural resources, engineering geology, geochemistry, geophysics and geothermal. In addition it runs the biggest geological database and library in Austria. As a national expert pool servicing public institutions as well as the private economy, its tasks are formulated and published by a national law in Austria. This work has been performed continuously since 1849.
Since 2008 the Geological Survey of Austria is a member of the “CO2 Storage task group in Austria” which consists of representatives from federal authorities, universities and the oil-industry. The main objective of this group is to investigate the geoscientific, technical and legal aspects of potential CO2 storage in Austria.
The future role of GBA will be the main advisor of the Ministries in Austria awarding licences for CCS to companies.
Geologische Bundesanstalt
Neulinggasse 38
Austria Austria