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CO2GeoNet-HWU - Heriot-Watt University

Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University

The post-graduate Institute of Petroleum Engineering (, with around 90 staff, 50 post-graduate research students and 185 post-graduate course students, is internationally recognised as a premier Research and Education centre in petroleum and geo-engineering, carrying out £5 million/yr of research.

IPE has had active roles in CO2 European networks of excellence, CO2GeoNet and CO2Net, and in the UKCCS academic network. In 2005 IPE established the Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage (SCCS) with UoE and BGS. Researchers within the SCCS delivered the highly acclaimed Scottish Regional Study report which was launched by the Scottish First Minister in May 2009, and are currently working on The Scottish CCTS Development Study and the ETI funded UK Aquifer Storage Capacity Appraisal Project. Twelve of the current academic staff, five PhD students and annually some 10-15 MSc students are engaged in research in CCS related activities.

Examples of Grants and Activities:
  • Establishing SCCS (Scottish Centre of Carbon Storage), Scottish Funding Council SRDG £1.4M.
  • CASSEM: UK aquifer evaluation + risk £2.4M EPSRC / TSB, SCCS.
  • S&I Capture Power plant and atmosphere £5M EPSRC, HWU and UoE.
  • Scottish Regional study: Sources, transport, storage, business, £280K. SCCS.
  • Uk/China NZEC (Near Zero Coal Emission), total Value £3M, HWU share £135K.
Heriot-Watt University
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