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CO2GeoNet-SINTEF - SINTEF Petroleum Research

SINTEF Petroleum Research (SINTEF PR) is a fully consolidated subsidiary of the SINTEF Group. SINTEF PR is a contract research and development institute focusing on developing new knowledge and technology for exploration and production of petroleum resources, both nationally and internationally. The institute develops solutions for exploration, field development and production. It performs research and development and offers advanced technical services and laboratory services within its particular fields of activity.

Previous experience in CCS area and national activities/networks:

SINTEF PR has been a pioneer in CO2 storage research. The institute early identified CO2 storage as an option for reducing CO2 emissions. SINTEF PR has been working with underground storage of CO2 in relevance to the climate change issue since 1986. The projects have included all aspects of the storage scheme including EOR, transport infrastructure integration, economy and climate modeling.
Since 1993 SINTEF PR has been participating in EU projects, starting with the “Underground storage of CO2” in the Joule II program, and including finished and ongoing projects such as SACS, SACS2, CO2Store, ULCOS, Dynamis, CASTOR, CO2GeoNet, CO2ReMoVe and ECCO.
SINTEF PR is today an active partner for Gassnova, Gassco and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate in the work for establishing safe storage for CO2 from the Mongstad and Kårstø plants, having delivered three reservoir studies on this topic.
SINTEF PR is now leading the CO2 storage part within the newly established international research center for CCS: BIGCCS. BIGCCS is financed by the Research Council of Norway and a consortium of industrial partners. The center BIGCCS is the logical continuation of the projects KMB CO2 and BIG CO2.
The institute is also involved in the Longyearbyen CO2 Lab project (Spitsbergen, Svalbard) under the governance of UNIS (The University Centre of Svalbard) pending the realisation of this as a field lab site for CO2 storage.
SINTEF PR also implemented and is now leading the CO2 field laboratory for monitoring and safety assessment (CO2 field Lab). The CO2 Field Lab project comprises a shallow injection of CO2 and the monitoring of its migration up to the surface and the dispersion at the surface. This type of controlled release experiment is unique at this stage.
SINTEF Petroleum Research
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