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State of play on geological storage of CO2 in 28 European countries

The report “State of play on CO2geological storage in 28 European countries”, published in the framework of the Pan-European Coordination Action on CO2 Geological Storage (FP7 CGS Europe project), reflects the current situation and achievements regarding geological storage of CO2 in the 28 European countries covered by CGS Europe.
The report gives a brief overview of the CO2 storage options, potentials and capacities in Europe. It summarizes information on research activities and organization of research funding related to CO2 storage in each of the CGS Europe countries. Information on a national level is complemented by an overview of activities on a regional and European level. Current pilot, demo and test sites in the CGS Europe countries are listed, followed by an overview of the state of transposition of the EU Directive on the geological storage of CO2 and the level of public awareness in the individual countries.