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CGS Europe Workshop: CO2 Geological Storage in North–western Europe

December 12-13, 2011 at GEUS, Copenhagen, Denmark
Workshop topics to be covered will be most recent research on geological storage of CO2, the fate of the injected CO2 and monitoring.
As sharing of experiences and good practices will help researchers to maximize their time and resources in similar contexts, CGS Europe organizes a specific workshop on CO2 Geological Storage in North–western Europe, essentially aimed at scientists. The workshop will present results from ongoing research projects in primarily in Denmark–Norway, but moreover, debates will form an essential part of the workshop since one aim is to hatch new ideas for research and cooperation projects. The results of the workshop will be summarized in a small report.
Preliminary programme:
December 12th:
10.00–10.30: Registration
10.30–18.00: Lectures, Poster session and discussion (1 hour lunch)
18.00 Dinner

December 13th:
9–13: Lectures, discussion and conclusions (1 hour lunch)
Key speakers includes:
  • Sweetman, A. Kvassnes and D. Durand, NIVA: Requirements and technologies for assessment of CO2 leakage in the marine environment
  • Maike-Liselotte Buddensiek, Sintef :  "Svelvik CO2 Field Laboratory: Experiences and preliminary results from the first injection experiment".
  • Niels Bo Jensen, IRIS: Spitsbergen CO2 lab project.
  • Faleide, J.I., Jarsve, E.M., Sassier, C., Angeli, M., Kalani, M., Baig, I., Fawad, M., Gabrielsen, R.H., Jahren, J., Aagaard, P., Heeremans, M. & Mondol, N.H.: Regional screening for potential CO2 storage plays in the Norwegian North Sea
  • Torben Bidstrup, GEUS: CO2 storage possibilities in the north-eastern part of the Norwegian-Danish Basin.
  • Lars Henrik Nielsen, GEUS: Examples of stratigraphic analysis of reservoir and cap rock distribution
  • Per Aagaard, Irfan Baig, Manzar Fawad, Caroline Sassier, Jan Inge Faleide, Jens Jahren, Roy Gabrielsen, Lars Henrik Nielsen, Lars Kristensen, Per E.S. Bergmo: Potential Triassic and Jurassic CO2 Storage Reservoirs in the Skagerrak Area
  • Martin Hovland, Statoil: Pockmarks in Skagerrak
  • Rikke Weibel Hansen and Claus Kjøller, GEUS: Mineral changes and Geochemical impacts of CO2  storage
  • Dan Olsen, GEUS: CO2-EOR production properties of chalk
Call for Papers
Call for presentations/posters for the workshop will open until November 28.
Send title for presentation/poster directly to Niels Poulsen, GEUS:
The abstract (maximum one page plus one figure) submission process will open until December 2.
Send abstract directly to Niels Poulsen, GEUS:
Click here for register online

Registration costs  75 DKK ~ 10 EUR (to cover coffee and lunch)
Work shop dinner 450 DKK ~ 60 EUR

Important dates:
  • Deadline Call for Papers  28 November 2011
  • Deadline for Registration  2 December 2011
  • Deadline for abstract        2 December
  • Workshop                        12-13 December 2011
Join us in Copenhagen
The Geological survey of Denmark and Greenland, GEUS, has been chosen to host the third workshop of CGS Europe. The workshop will take place GEUS, Øster Voldgade 10, Copenhagen K.  Denmark

How to reach GEUS

Fot more information please contact
Niels Poulsen, GEUS:
+45 3814 2366