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CO2GeoNet-OGS - Research aircraft equipped with high-tech remote sensing instruments

Mobile laboratory
OGS is the owner of an aircraft designed to research and service that enables to carry out missions aimed at acquisition of remotely sensed data (scanning laser, thermal, photo, hyperspectral) and direct samples of the atmospheric column for the determination of air quality (concentration CO2, particulate matter).
The aircraft is a PA - 34 Seneca II twin-engine turbo (makes S5-DGL) six seats, to which was applied an EASA.AS03047 STC (Supplementary Type Certificate) which consists of a hatch 514 x 190 mm which is operate the optical sensors and a dedicated electrical supply system. The aircraft is certified IFR, has a maximum operating altitude of 25,000 feet and is managed by a company that has all the necessary EASA certification for commercial flight, aerial work and photogrammetric, the aircraft is also under the CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization) and is included in the aircraft fleet EU research called EUFAR, a transnational coordinated European infrastructure for air operations with specific address to optical sensors to be applied in the field of the environment and geosciences.
Synthesis of the equipment available on board: